Are you prepared for 40 days and 40 nights?

How well prepared is your family for the following emergencies:

Earthquake? Fire? Interruption of power / water / gas / waste / transportation? In home medical emergency? Interruption of food supply chain? Interruption of city services such as Police / Fire / EMS? Civil Unrest?

Earthquake? Fire? Interruption of power? Interruption of water? Interruption of gas? Interruption of waste disposal? Interruption of transportation? In-home medical emergency? Interruption of food supply chain? Interruption of city services? Interruption of Police? Interruption of Fire Dept.? Interruption of EMS? Civil unrest?

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Welcome to Noah’s Ark, where we help your family take the necessary steps toward being self-sufficient during a disaster.


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Have us build custom kits for your entire family or workforce so that everyone is ready for any emergency.


We also provide on-site inspections and safety recommendations to better allocate resources for your home or business.

Our Mission

Noah’s Ark provides in-home training, planning and installation of products and systems for your home or workplace so that you have the basic knowledge, skills and equipment to keep your entire family safe during a natural or man-made disaster. Once you are part of the Noah’s Ark family, you’ll have access to current best practices and your kits will be kept up-to-date.

We at Noah’s Ark teach you what precautions to take so that your family has the necessary knowledge to be fully self-sufficient during a crisis, even when you can’t make a phone call or get online.

We like to remind everyone that FEMA can become overwhelmed and may take weeks to arrive in your city.

We understand that skills and knowledge are far superior to gear and guessing. We want our clients to be able to take immediate action.

What steps can you take to ‘vaccinate’ your family from a major interruption in their daily routine?

To what degree should you and your family prepare for a prolonged disaster?

One way to determine your family’s ability to adapt is to take everyone camping for 3 nights. Get them involved, make the entire process fun, but take notes. Which family members had the hardest time adjusting to life without all the comforts of home? What comforts were missed the most? Were any items missing? 

Remember, your mindset determines the level of family participation.

Products & Services

We provide coaching, consulting and training for general home safety, self defense, and earthquake procedures, fire suppression, emergency lighting and the proper storage of food & water.

We also provide expertise in the selection and installation of communication and security systems, as well as water purification and power generation.

We at Noah’s Ark have cut through all the fear-based marketing so that we can provide you with common sense solutions to your family’s safety.  Once you have the necessary knowledge, each family member will know what they are responsible for and will follow instructions without panicking.

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Tips to Preparing

Want to learn more about our products & services?

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