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Your Noah’s Ark professional will develop a custom assessment for you and your family so that you have access to the necessary knowledge, materials and gear to deal with household specific emergencies as well as a natural disaster or long-term power outage. During your training session, your instructor will provide you with various options to expand or contract the level of preparedness you want for your family. Most households already have some of the necessary items we recommend, which helps you spend your money wisely.

Part of your training session will involve proper sanitation to reduce the spread of germs during an interruption of the municipal water supply and emergency medical services.

You may already have household products to handle this, but most are difficult to use without water. Do you have toiletries for everyone in your household if retail locations were to stop receiving deliveries?

Do you have a plan for providing task lighting in your home when there is no power for weeks?

Do you plan on using batteries? Have you made the transition to rechargeables? What is your plan for preparing meals when the gas and electricity have been shut off?

Every household is different…what you need may differ from what your neighbors need.

Education is the best investment you can make. We focus on the threats of most concern to you, and then make sure you can shelter in place for at least 40 days. Keep in mind that you may not have access to the internet, so having this knowledge in advance is important because your usual information sources may be down.

Your consultation will consist of instruction and a brief inventory of equipment and materials. We will also assess long-term food and water storage. We accept all major credit cards.

We at Noah’s Ark are always adding to and updating our product recommendations and ensuring that your food and water are stored properly. Because your time is valuable, we do the research so that you can rely on these systems when they are needed.

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Noah’s Ark offers three self-contained kits to choose from

Our basic modular kits make great gifts for loved ones who are not at home.

Package 1

Senior Citizen : Single Occupant $600
Senior Citizen : Dual Occupants $1,000

Package 2

Collegiate $600

Package 3

Condo Kit : Single Occupant $1,000
Condo Kit : Dual Occupants $1,500

Want more information on which package is right for you?

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